SmartOS Home Datacenter - Update 1


Update 1: Alternative Migration Method via DD

Turns out when it came time to put my previous backup/restore doco to the test it failed with a "disk.*.0" JSON error from vmadm receive. I haven't looked into it yet though I thought I would list what I used to recover my firewall image


Recover /opt and /usbkey files 


1) All the hardware migration was complete so I had one of the two "zones" disks sitting on a USB 2 caddy. However now you have two zpools called "zones" what do to?


  zfs import zones usbpool


  NOTE: I had to use -f but excluded it so you can read the implications yourself first!


2) Mounting ZFS to a mountpoint (my GNU\Linux heritage showing) is a two step process.


  zfs set mountpoint=legacy usbpool/opt

  mount -F zfs usbpool/opt /opt/usb


3) Fortunately at this point I had a backup copy of the firewalls JSON (created with "vmadm get UUID >> vm.json").


  vmadm create -f /opt/usb/firewall.json


For me step three recreated the firewall image with a new UUID other than that specified in the JSON. It didn't really impact me but was not something I expected.


Recover VM images


1) Now my VM has been created at a new UUID we can migrated the disk image


  dd if=/dev/zvol/dsk/usbpool/19a7af4f-5441-4b3e-bedf-fd3a2c6223df-disk0 if=/dev/zvol/dsk/zones/471c4e6c-8feb-11e2-8bff-e33695415b08-disk0


2) Once complete you can disconnect your USB disk with


  umount /opt/usb

  zfs export usbpool

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